Why early consultation is key to maximising modular solutions

While modular buildings and offsite manufacturing are experiencing a growth in popularity, for developers unfamiliar with this modern method of construction, knowing what to do and when can be daunting. At Premier Modular, we have delivered large-scale projects for clients such as EDF at Hinkley Point C right down to single pod projects for long-term client Timpson’s. Ranging in price from £25,000 to over £50 million, the sky truly is the limit when it comes to modular construction.

Known for its flexibility, one core advantage of modular construction is its speed – meaning that we can respond quickly to tight-turnaround projects, with buildings regularly completed in a matter of weeks. Whether your project needs an instant solution or has a longer lead time, it’s never too early to speak with our team, and we’ve outlined a few of the most common discussion topics below.

Deciding between a permanent or rental solution

The flexibility of modular means that both permanent and rental solutions are available, so understanding which solution is right for your specific needs is crucial. To help make this decision on which would suit best, as soon as needs versus wants are established and a preliminary budget is confirmed, it’s time to engage the experts.

This might feel premature to some, but the flexibility of modular means there are a range of considerations to account for, such as the expected length of use or quality of specification. For example, a specialised, long-term requirement with a healthy budget behind it would suit a permanent or long-term rental project. For a shorter-term specification contending with changing requirements or potential timeframe constraints, a rental solution could prove more beneficial.

Maximising modular capability

Another example where early consultation matters is the management of site logistics. Modular is a fast, less disruptive method of building so it’s important that planning discussions identify and mitigate site challenges to maximise time and efficiency benefits.

Early consultation is particularly important when it comes to larger projects where site and logistics challenges can be more complex. During the project Premier Modular delivered at Hinkley Point C, proactive planning around working at height led to our teams developing an innovative lifting frame and safety carousel to ensure the on site staff were protected and remained efficient.

Fine-tuning flexibility requirements

Getting expert advice early can not only shape your design, but it can influence the building’s lifecycle from inception to end-of-life. Rental and permanent modular solutions are far more adaptable than traditionally constructed buildings and can be reconfigured and added to should requirements change.

This is because of the flexible structure of modular buildings. Reliant on four structural posts, the rest of the interior infill panels can be adapted to change spaces as and when required. The ability to relocate the modules provides further flexibility to achieve the ultimate reconfiguration as both rental and permanent buildings can be adapted and reused.

Expert consultation to power any project

The power of modular solutions to increase building efficiency and lead the way to a lower carbon future should not be underestimated. By engaging with expert teams like ours at the earliest possible stage of any project, developers can unlock the speed, capability and flexibility of modular solutions, right from the start.

Looking to begin your modular journey? Speak to our team today.

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