Improving the efficiency of construction. Sustainability. Speed. Quality. Value.

The demand for modular solutions continues to increase as more construction clients and contractors become aware of the wide-ranging, proven benefits compared to in-situ construction methods.

Zero waste to landfill

Modular for Sustainability

We generate zero waste to landfill in our factories and produce buildings to more precise tolerances, minimising heat loss and increasing energy efficiency.

Modular buildings are fully re-usable, flexible, and reconfigurable, allowing our customers to adapt to changing needs, shifting demographics, and meet their decarbonisation goals.

The steel-framed structure of our modular systems can be infinitely recycled, preserving embodied energy, and further reducing the carbon footprint.

Modular for Speed

Moving construction offsite and into a controlled factory environment reduces programme times by up to 50 percent. This is because ground works can be progressed on site at the same time as construction and fitout is underway in the factory.

As our buildings are installed on site, we immediately create a watertight shell for the final stages of fitting out.

The result is earlier occupation – vital for schools, hospitals and social housing – and faster return on investment for our commercial clients.

Earlier occupation
Precision engineering

Modular for Quality

Our robust and proven factory processes, digital manufacturing, precision engineering, and stringent quality control combine to significantly enhance build quality for both temporary and permanent applications.

You can benefit from reduced snagging and much greater certainty of delivery to your required standards.

Our buildings are built to last – whether project offices for construction sites, healthcare facilities in use 24/7, or demanding secondary school environments.

Modular for Value

We can install buildings on highly constrained, enclosed and restricted sites which would be very difficult to develop using site-based construction. We can even construct multi-storey buildings on steel gantries such as high quality offices and welfare facilities on construction sites, and hospital ward and theatre blocks which maintain patient flows.

The financial benefits of modular construction are also significant, allowing you to generate revenue from the building at an earlier stage than with in-situ construction – for maximum cost efficiency and affordability.

Less disruption
Improved productivity

Modular for Certainty

Moving construction offsite and into a carefully controlled factory environment with a highly skilled and trained factory workforce improves productivity.

We use advanced lean manufacturing techniques which remove the risk of project delays and budget overruns which are still so prevalent in UK construction.

Our approach allows you to avoid the implications of skills shortages, material supply issues, and inclement weather on the shortest construction programmes.

Modular for Flexibility

You can expand or reconfigure our buildings very easily, making them completely future proof when your organisation’s needs change. Modular facilities can also be removed for recycling or relocated to other sites if required.

You can benefit from our unrivalled design flexibility and specify bespoke buildings to meet your specific project requirements – from a wide range of claddings, glazing, roofing configurations, internal layouts, and to complement surrounding architecture.

We can provide buildings on gantries to maximise space and extend your traditionally-built facilities, both vertically and horizontally, allowing you to make the very best use of space and your building assets.

Unparalleled flexibility

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