Modular construction companies are key to the circular economy

Embodied carbon accounts for 20 per cent of the UK construction industry’s emissions – a figure that needs to be cut dramatically in order to meet Net Zero targets. Enter modular construction companies: the key to a truly circular construction economy. Why circular? A circular economy means reusing, repurposing or recycling materials for as long … Read more

Five considerations for developing inclusive healthcare spaces


Growing social awareness of disabilities and impairments is paving the way for increased inclusivity in building designs. Nowhere is this more prominent than healthcare, where facilities are required to accommodate individual needs to ensure services are of a high standard for all. As conversations around different disabilities leads to greater understanding, suppliers have a duty … Read more

Reach for the ESG stars with modular construction

ESG modular building

The race is on for UK education settings to roll out a climate action plan by 2025 to embed sustainability across all activities. For organisations to meet both this expectation and individual ESG commitments, the procurement of greener facilities is key. As such, education providers should look no further than modular schools to lower their … Read more

Achieving compliant education facilities with modular schools

modular classroom

Modular buildings could be your school’s secret superpower to accelerate growth using cutting-edge building techniques. Available as both permanent and rental solutions, modular schools are adaptable, environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional construction. But how do they align with the stringent compliance requirements needed for educational facilities? Hitting building regulations every time Like traditional buildings, modular … Read more