Premier Modular Secures Education Wins Around the Country

Three new education projects in Leeds, Wigan and Birmingham have recently appointed Premier Modular’s rental division to deliver temporary spaces, with high-quality internal environments. 

As part of the projects, we will be providing three schools with much-needed, first-class temporary accommodation. This will ensure each of the schools is able to continue to deliver high-quality education to pupils, while the main buildings undergo long-term improvements and development. 

Project one: Moortown Primary School, Leeds

Moortown Primary School in Leeds – the first of the three projects – was recently completed with much of the project work happening at pace over the summer break period, preparing for students returning in September. 

In upgrading its double classroom temporary unit, Moortown Primary School chose a Premier Modular facility, which offered a high-quality internal environment for children to learn in. Modules were also specially-sized (7.2m x 18m) to match the exact size of the school’s permanent classrooms, ensuring a seamless education experience. 

Project two: Uffculme School, Birmingham

The second project, at Uffculme School in Birmingham, supports SEN pupils from key stage one through to key stage four. As part of the project, the school needed a temporary space, which felt permanent and featured all necessary amenities, to support its students’ and staff’s wellbeing. 

To achieve this, Premier Modular will manufacture, deliver and install an eight-module building, comprising classrooms and toilets, alongside welfare rooms and breakout rooms to support any students having a difficult day. 

With a lead time of just 11 weeks to ensure minimal disruption, the project is now nearing completion, and the school can enjoy a new building, which creates a safe and welcoming environment for its students.  

Project three: St John Fisher School, Wigan

The third project is with St John Fisher School in Wigan, which needed a comfortable space to enable its students to continue to learn in a high-quality environment for over two and a half years, while the build of its new permanent premises is underway.

This project is made up of 48 modules, across two storeys, to support the school’s expanding student population.

The project’s programme was just four months long, meaning Premier needed to work at pace to manufacture and install the 48 bespoke units, to ensure the school had its brand new facility in time for the new school year.  

“The scale, quality and sustainability of all three projects excites us,” says David Harris, managing director, Premier Modular. 

“Perhaps it’s me, but ‘wow’ is often my reaction when you walk into the classrooms we build. It’s hard to tell it’s been built in just three to four months when you consider all the disruption you’d face with bricks and mortar.

“Education construction work is necessary to continually improve learning environments for students, but disruption is not. 

“Working in education means you must recognise how important it is that these temporary spaces quickly deliver the same, high-quality internal environment of the usual school buildings, so the schools maintain first-class learning environments for students.” 

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