Premier Modular appoints new Rental Commercial Manager

Premier Modular welcomes Erica Scaife as our new commercial manager for the rental division. 

Equipped with over 20 years’ experience in the finance and construction industries, Erica has held a number of senior roles including two directorial roles, building up the commercial departments of several companies

No stranger to the Premier Modular family, Erica first joined Premier as a commercial controller in 2015.

Wishing to venture back into the financial field, Erica made the move to Hull-based mechanical and electrical contractor, Tucker M&E, where she excelled as a financial controller before becoming financial director. It was during her time there that Erica’s experience of commercial construction strengthened and broadened, cementing her as a seasoned specialist in the field.

However, Erica is one of a minority. Women account for only 15 percent of the UK’s construction workforce; Premier Modular is actively looking to redress that imbalance.

Shifting social attitudes and initiatives – like the Inspiring Women in Construction and Engineering Pledge formed by Construction News and NCE – are gradually changing this picture for the better.

Signed by leading organisations last month, the Pledge requires companies to support enterprises that attract, develop and champion women in the sector and work to close the gender pay gap.

Independent not-for-profit, Women in Construction, is equally responsible for facilitating positive change, providing a range of programmes which open up opportunities for women.

Given the slow decline of the sector’s gender imbalance, it is imperative such resources continue to be made available.

As a key part of this change, and as a woman in a senior position, Erica said: “I definitely see more women on-site now, which is brilliant. Eight years ago, this just wasn’t the case. Back then, the bar was set so much higher for women and especially for those looking to progress through the ranks. Whilst this is still the case today, I think the industry is a lot more accepting of women now.

“For me, your ability to work and to be respected in this field comes down to your skill set, not your gender. To other women thinking about a career in construction, I would definitely say ‘go for it’. No industry should be off limits because you’re a woman.”

Following her success with Tucker M&E, Erica made the decision to focus on the commercial side of manufacturing and construction, leading to her interest in returning to Premier Modular after eight years away.  

“To be employed as a woman in the very male-dominated commercial side of this sector speaks volumes about Premier Modular,” says Erica.

“There is such a family atmosphere here. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and whilst the industry and business is fast-paced, it’s a really enjoyable place to work for every gender.”

“Erica is a strong addition to our commercial team and is already reinforcing the efforts of our senior managers,” says David Harris, Premier Modular’s CEO.

“We take pride in being one team at Premier Modular,” David continued. “Every success this business enjoys is as a result of our people. We all work at pace and with high trust which, I believe, arises from everyone being treated fairly and rewarded for their merit.

“It’s not just about making women feel comfortable about working here. We’re continually improving our inclusivity processes. For instance, we’re also a Disability Confident employer who supports the ‘Not Every Disability is Visible’ scheme.”

If you’re looking to take the next step in your career with a leading offsite construction specialist, take a look at our career opportunities, here.

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