Premier closes awards season with ESG win 

Premier Modular has been officially recognised for its ESG efforts after securing the esteemed Environmental and Sustainability Award at the Hull Live Business Awards last week.

The prize was awarded to Premier Modular for the company’s extensive efforts to reduce carbon emissions through its energy efficient manufacturing process, ESG compliance and low-carbon products.

The win expands the collection of accolades Premier Modular has won this year, joining the three awards the company earned at the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Awards in May.

A long-term proponent of sustainable manufacturing and construction, Premier Modular has BREEAM certification and has delivered a number of BREEAM ‘Excellent’ projects, including an award-winning outpatient building for King’s College Hospital.

This latest success has arrived amid the large-scale installation of solar panels on two of its factory buildings that will cover an area of over 1,700m² – the equivalent of six and a half tennis courts.

Energy generated from the panels is expected to offset a portion of the company’s carbon emissions within 2024 with 1,779 kWh to be produced annually thereon.

The initiative forms part of the company’s strategy to become net zero by 2035 and will be executed alongside trials to electrify the company’s fleet of forklift trucks.

David Harris, CEO of Premier Modular, said: “Our dedication to reducing the company’s carbon footprint influences every project, practice and decision made. To be recognised for these efforts is an incredible honour and I would like to thank the judging panel on behalf of the Premier team. Our journey to net zero is within reach, and this award is a reminder of how much we have already accomplished.”

Annelee Roscoe, ESG and HR Director at Premier Modular, said: “We see it as every organisation’s responsibility to be more sustainable and friendly to the environment and looking after our people and communities. For a manufacturing entity to win this award, it is a great accolade. When you are a service industry it is so much easier to be Net Zero, but we work in a good sector, a good industry and all our products lend themselves well to decarbonisation and the whole ESG ethos.”

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