Flexible modular solutions: a life jacket for healthcare budgeting

When procuring new buildings, the agility and cost certainty provided by rental modular solutions is a significant advantage. Permanent buildings have their own benefits too, enabling organisations to purchase complex buildings outright, that are flexible in terms of funding. However, the leasing and manufacture of modular healthcare buildings can fall within an organisation’s OpEx budget … Read more

Five considerations for developing inclusive healthcare spaces


Growing social awareness of disabilities and impairments is paving the way for increased inclusivity in building designs. Nowhere is this more prominent than healthcare, where facilities are required to accommodate individual needs to ensure services are of a high standard for all. As conversations around different disabilities leads to greater understanding, suppliers have a duty … Read more

Making waiting lists history with offsite construction


The winter period is always pressured for the NHS, with a rise in patients that require care. With many hospitals across the UK needing to expand their facilities and maximise bed capacity to cope with rises in patient numbers, both permanent and rental modular solutions could be the way to deliver these specialist buildings at … Read more

Building bright minds: maintaining excellence in temporary classroom spaces


School environments are important spaces that facilitate student learning and cater for many needs and experiences. The Government has launched a series of programmes and funds to ensure that UK pupils have access to quality learning environments, from the School Rebuilding Programme to the £1.8 billion Condition Improvement Fund. Modular construction has a huge role … Read more