Mental Health Needs a Modular Solution

The impacts of the physical environment on an individual’s mental health are well documented, with light, spaciousness and access to nature commonly cited as enablers of good wellbeing.

It has recently been reported that 2 in 3 workers experience symptoms of both anxiety and depression, demonstrating the clear need for greater investment in internal environments that support mental health. As a flexible, precision manufactured product, modular buildings offer the perfect solution to support individual wellbeing whilst simultaneously achieving business goals.

From the outside in

Promoting good mental health begins with a building’s external look. Everyone wants to live and work in visually pleasing environments and studies have shown that individuals who are satisfied with their work environment are more likely to deliver positive work outputs.

Premier Modular takes the same view, aiming to create inspiring atmospheres that enhance creativity and productivity. Take The Paper Yard for example: a 2,800 m² life sciences development comprising laboratories, collaborative working areas and modular office space that strikes the perfect balance between formal and welfare environments for focused work and recharging with colleagues.

Commercial modular buildings are ideal for delivering this type of facility. The flexibility and precision of modular construction means standout buildings can be designed to meet any number of specifications, as well as creating aesthetic architectural excellence through partnership with world-renowned architects, such as Hawkins\Brown.

This can be seen in the design of The Paper Yard, which we worked on with world renowned architects, Hawkins Brown. With its soaring double height entry way of 5.4 metres, the building is designed to inspire occupants from the moment they walk through the doors. This feeling of space continues throughout the building, with an average ceiling height of 2.7 metres in the office spaces and 2.45 metres in lab spaces, promoting mental wellbeing through the building’s layout as it maximises natural light.

In addition to a considered internal layout, it is well documented that contact with nature can improve an individual’s mental wellbeing. The Paper Yard capitalises on this connection to create an enhanced environment for everyone that uses this advanced, modular building, utilising natural external cladding and including accessible green spaces including a viewing terrace and green roof space.

However, when it comes to ensuring better individual mental health, the outside of a building only tells part of the story.

Controlled environment, contented occupants

Developing a nurturing internal environment that supports mental wellbeing requires variables such as light and temperature to be controlled. Being comfortable in a space can make all the difference to an individual’s mental health, especially if the internal conditions must support additional or complex needs.

For example, education facilities catering for pupils with special educational needs (SEN), such as autism, should have as controlled an internal environment as possible. Pupils with sensory sensitivities may be extremely uncomfortable if a room is too hot or cold and could find it more difficult or stressful to focus on learning as a result.

A commercial modular building is ideal in this regard. The precision manufacture used to cut building components ensures facilities have an airtight seal, improving thermal comfort throughout. Often, this is taken a step further with the installation of a building management system, mechanical ventilation or air source heat pump to stabilise the internal environment and improve a building’s energy efficiency.

A sensory solution

Noise pollution and a lack of light are among several negative impacts a poor internal environment can have on individual mental health. Studies have shown that excessive noise in the workplace can impact productivity levels, driving up stress and anxiety as a result. As such, it’s essential that new building designs provide calm environments that combat stress and allow individuals to concentrate on the job at hand – without unwanted distractions.

This could include utilising design elements such as high ceilings throughout, increasing the size of the windows to maximise natural light or optimising acoustics to reduce the intrusion of outside noise. All require precision to master which the factory manufacture of modular buildings is well suited to deliver. Further to this, modular installation is quick and efficient, often taking place over a matter of days. This modern method of installation minimises noise and disruption, which is ideal for mitigating sensory overload that could occur with traditional construction methods.

Given the continued prevalence of mental health issues across all sectors of society, it is essential that internal environments are designed to accommodate individual needs and support the people living and working in them. As a practice that delivers high-quality, bespoke solutions, modular building is a step in the right direction, a holistic solution that considers the exterior, interior and occupants of a building from the earliest stages.

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