How Offsite Construction can Generate a Faster Return on Investment for Retail Developers

Achieving critical programme savings for a retail developer and Starbucks licensees


Premier Modular has successfully delivered a number of Starbucks drive-thru cafés for developer Burney Group across the UK over the last three years. This has involved engineering Starbucks’ distinctive café design to suit offsite construction and in doing so we have achieved critical programme savings for our client and Starbucks licensees.

With in-situ construction, an average drive-thru outlet is delivered in around 24 weeks. We have reduced that programme by a significant number of weeks, using offsite manufacturing for a faster return on investment for the developer and additional revenue generation from earlier occupation for the Starbucks licensees. And with all the sustainability, quality and value benefits of offsite manufacturing.

In just a few weeks, a fully clad café is manufactured and installed in line with Starbucks’ stringent design criteria and ready for the developer’s fitout.

Some of the drive-thru outlets feature a striking 6.5m high vaulted roof with exposed timber roof trusses to create a welcoming interior. The angled roof was achieved with the development of an innovative hinged roofing system which allows a prefabricated roof structure to be transported to site.

Read the case study here.

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