Expanded Role for Business Development Director, Nathalie Meunier

Nathalie Meunier is now responsible for national strategy for offsite construction at Premier Modular


Premier Modular has announced that its Business Development Director, Nathalie Meunier, has taken responsibility for leading national strategy for offsite construction solutions across all market sectors, including healthcare, education, residential, retail, and commercial.

Nathalie’s role now includes the development of new delivery models, partnerships, strategic alliances, and procurement frameworks for modular construction including LHC and NHS Shared Business Services.

A graduate in business and marketing, Nathalie joined Premier in 2019 and is our healthcare champion, strategic contact for cost consultants, contractors and end clients, and can help clients with funding options such as long-term leasing to reduce capital expenditure. She also manages the business development team for Premier’s offsite solutions in a number of regions.

Nathalie has more than 20 years’ experience in the offsite sector, working for leading modular building specialists in the UK, France and Africa, and across a range of sectors including healthcare, education, residential, and oil and gas. 

She is active at industry level, working with Buildoffsite, the MPBA, Supply Chain Management School, and the Offsite Alliance, to help promote the value of offsite construction.

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