Reach for the ESG stars with modular construction

ESG modular building

The race is on for UK education settings to roll out a climate action plan by 2025 to embed sustainability across all activities. For organisations to meet both this expectation and individual ESG commitments, the procurement of greener facilities is key. As such, education providers should look no further than modular schools to lower their … Read more

Temporary buildings are receiving a fire safety facelift

Temporary buildings are receiving a fire safety facelift

Fire safety regulations have undergone multiple changes after several high-profile incidents, such as the Grenfell Tower tragedy. As such, authorities are looking to improve the protection provided to people constructing, living or working in new buildings. The release of version 10.1 of the Joint Code of Practice (JCoP) will improve the safety of rental buildings … Read more

The year in review: in conversation with David Harris, CEO


Premier Modular Group has experienced a wealth of successes in the past year, from multiple award wins to a new investor and everything in between. David Harris, CEO of Premier Modular Group, shared his thoughts on the business highs of 2023 and explored what is in store for the company in the new year. How … Read more

Empowering women in construction

Women in construction

The construction industry has observed a significant increase in female workers, with numbers reaching a record high of 340,000 in the second quarter of 2023. Despite the barriers many women have traditionally faced in the industry, social progress and the rise of diversity, inclusion and equality campaigning have encouraged more to consider construction-based professions. To … Read more