UCL – John Dodgson House


Student Accommodation


1,400 m2


12 Weeks




With increasing student intake in the city, University College London needed to expand their existing facilities to provide more accommodation and living space. With spare land expensive and hard to come by, a roof top extension to an existing 1950’s-built college building, located opposite St Pancras Station in Central London, was needed.

  • Height – Building at height increased health and safety risks, meaning extra precautions and considerations had to be taken.
  • Location – Situated in Central London, opposite St Pancras Station, city centre experience and knowledge were required to ensure safety and efficiency and to minimise disruption.
  • Adding to an existing build – The new facilities needed to compliment the current 1950s sandstone-faced college building and fit in with its surroundings.

The unique fifth and sixth floor extension provided valuable additional student accommodation on top of an existing building. The additional floors comprised an additional 55 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, plus shared kitchens and living spaces. 

Project managed by our expert team, the build required thorough planning to ensure it could be delivered on time, with minimum disruption. Manufacture in our factories offsite, allowed a full fit-out before arrival on site, to increase efficiency and reduce the health and safety risks of working at height in Central London.


An appealing proposition for the student market, John Dodgson House was given a new lease of life, and increased capacity meant the developer reaped rewards from their investment, with high student demand.

The 55-bedroom project was delivered in just 14 weeks on site, thanks to our tried and tested offsite methods, which help ensure time and cost efficiency.