Make your space work harder: improving productivity with internal environment

Inside a modular office facility. 2 people sat at computers on their desks in the centre of the room. colour fun blue and orange walls. Orange cabinets. Black arm chairs near the windows.

Improving productivity is a key goal for most businesses: it’s essential for delivering overarching strategies and driving growth. As the workplace continues to evolve and the relationship between it and the workforce is studied in more depth, there is a growing need to revisit the internal environment to see if improvements can be made to … Read more

Modular construction companies are key to the circular economy

Embodied carbon accounts for 20 per cent of the UK construction industry’s emissions – a figure that needs to be cut dramatically in order to meet Net Zero targets. Enter modular construction companies: the key to a truly circular construction economy. Why circular? A circular economy means reusing, repurposing or recycling materials for as long … Read more