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Significant programme reductions compared to in-situ construction




Various including Hull, Lowestoft, Fleet and Norwich

Client Testimonials

Daren Burney, Managing Director, Burney Capital Partners:

“In our view, Premier offers a really good product, supported by excellent service. Their approach has brought us significant cost savings by reducing the build programme to allow earlier occupation.”

“Our experience with Premier has shown them to be one of the very best offsite specialists in the industry, which is reflected in their collaborative approach with Starbucks. Their innovative building solutions allow us to use offsite manufacturing for the drive-thru outlets, maintain build quality, and meet the Starbucks brand and cost requirements precisely.


Burney Group is a developer of drive-thru coffee shops for Starbucks licensees. With in-situ construction, an average drive-thru outlet is delivered in around 24 weeks. The client had a requirement to reduce that programme by a significant number of weeks, using offsite manufacturing.

The offsite solution

Premier Modular has engineered Starbucks’ distinctive R3 drive-thru outlet design to suit offsite construction and achieve critical programme savings. This solution has been successfully used on sites for Burney Group across the UK for more than three years.

The shorter build programme allows a faster return on investment for the developer and additional revenue generation from earlier occupation for the Starbucks licensees, with all the sustainability, quality and value benefits of offsite manufacturing.

In just a few weeks, a fully clad coffee shop is manufactured and installed in line with Starbucks’ stringent design criteria and ready for the developer’s fitout.


Drive-thru outlets completed in Hartlepool, Hull and Fleet feature a striking 6.5m high vaulted roof. This was finished in dark grey to contrast with exposed timber roof trusses and create a welcoming interior.

The angled roof was achieved with the development of an innovative hinged roofing system which allows a prefabricated roof structure to be transported to site.


Premier worked closely with Starbucks’ design team to engineer an offsite solution for its latest drive-thru outlet format. The Premier team also advised on the choice of materials that met Starbucks’ budget aspirations.

Starbucks’ new design has created a strong aesthetic and brand identity.

Warm larch cladding will help the building blend into its surroundings and a signage tower will increase visibility in the highway landscape.

The building will be highly glazed for a transparent appearance that is designed to improve the customer experience, both in the coffee shop and in the drive thru.


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