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Responding to RAAC


The Bromfords School, Buckhurst Hill Community Primary School and Merrylands Primary School

building solution


TOTAL Space Delivered

1,937 sqm

Total programme time

21 Weeks

Client & Project Team Testimonials

Joe Chell, Head of School Organisation & Place Planning, Essex City Council

“In emergency situations such as the RAAC policy announcement in August 2023, a fast reaction was critical. Premier Modular’s response to the crisis was excellent with fast, transparent communication provided from the start.

“I was really impressed with the team’s willingness to collaborate to develop effective solutions for the schools. They delivered on their promises, without excuses or backtracking, and always received positive feedback from the academies that worked with them.”

Michael Lacey, Director, Real8 Group

“From our initial contact with Luke and the team to the expert installation of accommodation for Merrylands Primary School, we valued Premier Modular’s efficiency and dedication to delivering on their promises. They were fully aware of the constraints of working on a live site and put strategic and safety-focused procedures in place to alleviate pressure on our team and the school.

“The company’s provision of a full turnkey building solution at speed, in line with the required specifications, proved Premier Modular is far more than just an accommodation supplier, and we appreciated their insight, guidance and standout expertise.”


In November 2023, data released by the Department for Education revealed that 231 schools and colleges were impacted by the RAAC crisis; affecting the safety of schools and disrupting student learning.

Premier Modular has supported a number of schools following the discovery of RAAC to date, including The Bromfords School, Merrylands Primary School and Buckhurst Hill Community Primary School. When these schools discovered RAAC in their buildings, the affected areas were closed immediately. This caused intense disruption to pupil learning at the start of the school year and required some students to work remotely.

As a result of the sudden challenges the presence of RAAC created, all three of these schools needed temporary accommodation for students which reflected their individual needs, fast. Following a partnership with Premier Modular, each school received modular school buildings within a matter of weeks.

The Bromfords School

Commissioned by the local council to deliver this Essex-based project, Premier Modular was tasked to provide 10 temporary classrooms, two changing room blocks and two toilet blocks at pace.

Premier Modular designed and delivered the facility in just five weeks, with the install taking place over three days to minimise further disruption to the school. The speed of response was especially important to The Bromfords School, as it supports children with SEN. The fast response and quick delivery by Premier Modular meant that students could return to routine learning which is vital to ensure development.

The temporary classrooms are contracted for 12 months, with the flexibility to increase if the school requires it. Premier Modular’s success, speed and client satisfaction in this project led to it being chosen to provide rental classrooms for Merrylands Primary School and Buckhurst Hill Community Primary School.


Based in Essex, Buckhurst Hill was one of 54 schools affected in the area. RAAC affected 19 of their classrooms and as a result of the disruption to learning, Essex County Council commissioned Premier Modular to provide a temporary, high-quality modular solution.

Working with architects from the Daniel Connal Partnership on the project design, Premier Modular provided the school with 32 modules, which created 10 temporary classrooms of 56m2 in blocks of one and two storeys.

Due to an extensive modular fleet, Premier Modular was able to provide the classrooms at pace, with the total programme time lasting just six weeks. The project was treated with extreme urgency, with the Premier Modular team working day and night. The fast-tracked groundworks took place in just one week – which is up to four times faster than is typical for regular projects.

As the school was keen to get students back on site as quickly as possible, Premier Modular handed over two blocks, two weeks before total completion. This flexibility reduced disruption for the school as much as possible and enabled learning to resume in a safe environment.

Merrylands Primary School

For the Essex-based Merrylands Primary School project, Premier Modular was commissioned by consultant Real8, who the team had partnered with previously. Eight classrooms and a toilet block were designed for this project to be delivered in two phases to reflect the school’s need to retain playground space and ensure student safety.

Despite specific requirements, tight access and the Christmas break placing pressure on timescales, the classrooms were delivered in just five weeks for both phases, with the team working over Christmas to ensure that the project was delivered as soon as possible. Premier Modular worked alongside close partner Warner Electrical for the MEP services of the facility. The install of both phases was completed in one weekend, ensuring that the school didn’t experience any further disruption to student learning. The temporary classrooms are currently contracted to be in place for six months with the flexibility to extend this for a further period if required.

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