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68 bays, 2,448 sq meters (£1.5m)



6 Weeks



Client & Project Team Testimonials

Rohan Evans, Project Director, Kier Group

“The office, canteen, drying room and associated facilities were provided by Premier Modular to meet our project’s needs following several detailed design and planning sessions, where we were provided essential advice from Premier. 

“This advice has been key to the successful operational stage, and to meet Kier’s stringent environmental requirements. For example, Premier Modular has engineered a temporary grey water solution saving in excess of 3,000,000 litres of potable water over 2 years, along with a LED lighting design system that utilises electricity only when the building is occupied. 

“Our drying room, unlike traditional heated spaces, utilises the latest technology in dehumidification, so that the workforce always has warm and dry clothing, enabling a healthy and comfortable day ahead of them. Our offices are ventilated, heated and cooled in such a way that the working environment is equivalent to any modern-day permanent office making it comfortable and healthy to work in.“Working in partnership with Premier Modular continues to be built upon, with another temporary office currently in manufacture and due for completion early in 2023.”


As part of the Ministry of Justice’s project to modernise England’s prisons estate, in late 2021, East Riding Council approved plans for a new 1,440 capacity prison in Full Sutton. With building starting in July 2022, and estimated to finish in 2025, Kier Group – the tier 1 construction company delivering the project – needed high-quality office and welfare facilities, delivered and installed at pace, to support its construction team throughout the build. Premier Modular’s project comprises two phases: south accommodation (delivered in August 2022) and north accommodation (to be handed over in January 2023).


The project was subject to strict planning permission guidelines, which affected both working hours and site access routes. 

Working hours

As the local community is sensitive to the project, working hours were strictly limited to weekdays, between 8am and 6pm. 

Premier liaised closely with the client to streamline installation within this timeframe, without affecting the overall project delivery programme. 

Site access routes

Planning permission also detailed that the most direct site access route – over Stamford Bridge – wasn’t an option for the project delivery. 

Premier studied and carefully planned alternative access routes. Once selected, the most suitable route both minimised disruption while maintaining delivery within agreed timeframes.  


Premier developed, delivered and installed 68 modular units in just under nine weeks for the project’s south accommodation, which gave 2,448 sq meters of temporary, high-quality office and welfare space to construction teams on-site. This included:

Offices and sub-contractor offices, including meeting rooms and break-out spaces, which developed a comfortable working environment:

  • 2-storey building
  • 24 modules (12 on 12)
  • Each unit was 12.4m by 3m
  • Ceiling height 2.7m.

Welfare facilities, delivering an extremely high-quality internal environment, including canteen, drying rooms/showers and a large commercial kitchen:

  • 2 storey building 
  • 44 modules (22 on 22)
  • Each unit was 12.4m by 3m
  • Ceiling height 2.7m. 

The units were installed with LED lighting with PIR control, air conditioning and mechanical air ventilation. 


The project’s next phase – the north accommodation – will be delivered in January 2023, which will comprise 65 modular units, representing a £1.6m investment, giving 2,340 sq meters of additional space for site teams. This includes:

North office building, including a visitors’ reception area, lift, spacious, open plan offices, meeting rooms, breakout area and a decking area that overlooks the site:

  • 2 storey building
  • 59 modules
  • Each unit will be 12.4m by 3m
  • Ceiling height 2.7m. 

Two satellite welfare buildings, which will give a high-quality environment for site workers to relax, including a canteen, locker rooms, toilet and showers:

  • Single storey buildings
  • 3 modules per satellite building
  • Each unit will be 12.4m by 3m
  • Ceiling height will be 2.7m.

The entire project is delivered using Premier’s Transline Plus product, which delivers high-quality site accommodation to the construction sector. 

Minimising environmental impact

With the spaces designed to support the client over the next three years, Premier also incorporated a number of sustainability features to minimise their environmental impact. 

These include:

  • Rainwater harvesting system to supply water for site operations and facilities.
  • PIR (passive infrared) sensors to all lighting. 

The client also plans to install solar panels to each roof to sustainably power site operations. 

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