Goodwin Development Trust

Goodwin Development Trust – Villa Place




6 Weeks



Tenant Feedback


“Family orientated, very spacious and well insulated – we have hardly had the heating on since we moved in”


“I like everything – the house is always warm, plenty of space and can hear no outside noise”


Based in Hull, the Goodwin Development Trust is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the quality of life within the city’s communities. With a high standard of living for residents firmly on the agenda, the Trust were looking to develop Hull’s first Code-5 social housing, meeting a national benchmark in sustainable building. The Trust enlisted the expertise of Premier Modular to design and construct a development of five terraced houses on Hull’s Thornton Estate. Each three-bed property had to incorporate innovative architectural design, energy saving materials and use renewable energy resources – all designed to attain Level 5 in the Code for Sustainable Homes (CFSH).

The solution

With this in mind, Premier’s design team factored in cutting edge green features such as a communal rainwater harvesting tank and a grey water recycling system, which collects bath and shower water to treat and filter for toilet flushing, washing machine use or irrigation.

The properties were also given water usage targets, incorporating dual flush toilets and mixer taps/showers and were provided with photovoltaic panels to supply solar power.

Features such as triple glazed windows and doors were also incorporated, and low energy light fittings were used throughout.