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not enough houses built…no tradesmen…lack of materials…poor quality

Strange considering there has been a recession why should this be the case?The construction industry is and forms a large part of a vibrant and prosperous economy. So why suddenly is there a need to build 250,000 homes? If social housing build had continued throughout the recession, perhaps it would not have been as deep and painful!! I am no politician or economist just a baffled onlooker.Everybody deserves a decent home, bought or rented, the demand is there.

So why the delay when there are now different methods of construction to reduce the shortfall? Offsite construction could fill a large gap in the market with many forms of offsite within the industry.

Volumetric, our own preferred solution, can offer a very quick answer. Houses can be built in 8 weeks from start to finish once the layout is agreed. Inflexibility of design? Not true BUT it is better to consult with us prior to starting the design. 

On the upside they are modern, space efficient, well insulated and of very high quality. So why has the product taken time to get off the ground? An answer I am struggling with too. The cost is competitive and fixed, programmes are a vast improvement on traditional methods, quality is superior and Health and Safety better managed.

Volumetric houses are built in ideal factory conditions using lean manufacturing methodology and just-in-time management. As I say to customers it doesn’t rain in our factories so you don’t get any lost time due to the weather, or damage to any materials as they are stored properly. Quality is paramount and a full QA process is in place.  The economic climate is now ripe for house development in the 100’s, yet slow procurement processes grind on relentlessly; fact is people don’t like change! Volumetric houses are the answer, but who has the nerve to use them to help resolve the shortage? Time will tell!

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