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Political parties have been using this headline as an attempt to influence our vote in the election of May 7th.  I imagine you will read these headlines for the next decade and it will continue to be a political lever at the next election.  The author of this report is not a politician and will happily answer all your questions.  There are reports suggesting we should move all single, older people into small boxes and allow families to move in to their current homes, seems a little Machiavellian for my taste!

There are of course many other less controversial solutions, one of which may be the use of rooftop extensions.  Not all existing buildings will be suitable for a rooftop extension and not all schemes will want to use this form of technology.  However, there are many occasions when this can be considered an option.

Social issues and transport links aside, the first step in determining if a particular scheme is suitable is to identify which buildings are able to be modified, within a reasonable budget.  A simple method of determining this is to commission a structural survey of the foundations and building, including the roof.  If the report confirms there is sufficient integrity within the structure the next step is to identify which system is most appropriate for the intended purpose.  Lightweight gauge steel offers significant benefits and will fit many common situations.

The solution on offer from Premier Interlink provides a cost effective, high quality system which will be constructed in an ISO9001 factory environment.  The volumetric rooftop extension is then transported to site and installed with significantly reduced time on site and minimal disruption for existing residents.

The end result is a high quality accommodation built to all relevant standards including Life Time Homes which can be mortgaged, complete with a 10 year insurance backed warranty through Checkmate.

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