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In order to keep up with the demands relative to the upturn in workload it has been a necessity for the Procurement Department to expand the Supply Chain.  This has been achieved through several methods one of which is forward planning for projects.  Where there has been a demand for specialist items within a niche market with long lead in periods we have gone to the market place well ahead of all other materials required on the project.

This has ensured that we optimize our performance through having a long enough lead in period allowing a choice of suppliers offering an exceptional service whilst having enough time to negotiate ensuring quality materials are secured at competitive prices.

We have also addressed areas of the supply chain where there is a danger of demand outstretching supply.  Where this has been a potential problem we have sourced new suppliers, brought them onboard and worked closely with them to ensure that we maintain supply to meet the needs of Production Unit.

We are continually bringing new Suppliers onto our books an exercise that has been helped greatly by the significant improvement in our credit rating.

We also work closely with our established Suppliers.  Having excellent working relationships with suppliers helps greatly when we have a short lead in period for a project.  The experience of our long standing suppliers helps enormously to bring materials in on time at a competitive price whilst not reducing quality standards.

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