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Business Development Manager Graeme O'Doherty discusses how Premier Modular can help the housing crisis in the UK

A recent research paper issued by the House of Commons Library states that 51,940 families were living in temporary accommodation in London at the end of March 2016; this is 73% of the total UK families in temporary accommodation.  Obviously a significant issue for London Boroughs, the London Mayor and a cause of deep distress for the families concerned.  The personal cost through the stress and anxiety inevitably felt by those families who fear they are soon to become one of these thousands must be almost debilitating.  The financial cost of housing these families is a significant drain on public finances.

There are many consultants and charities working with public bodies on policies to resolve this issue.  Premier Modular would like to join this group of concerned organisations and have a solution in our cost effective, temporary housing, all built in a factory to high quality modern living standards.

Our solution is simple and requires the cooperation of various departments within Local Authorities.  Whilst we specialise in manufacturing volumetric solutions for a variety of sectors including permanent housing, we can also bring together a consortium of professionals to offer a complete one stop solution for everything from planning applications to facilities management for temporary housing.  We offer a sale or rental option so financing our solution could not be any easier.

Our highly experienced consortium brings together a wealth of knowledge and by dealing directly with us Local Authorities can reduce their budget on housing homeless families.  We offer fast turnaround solutions and have a financial model which ensures the Local Housing Allowance will cover the rental whilst providing well insulated, modern housing, which can be easily relocated to where families are in need.  You can choose a variety of different aesthetics with cladding and roofing available to suit any street scene.

The solution on offer from Premier Modular provides a cost effective, high quality system which will be constructed in an ISO9001 factory environment.  The volumetric housing is then transported to site (land provided by the Local Authority) and installed with minimal time on site and significantly reduced disruption for surrounding residents.  The end result is a high quality living accommodation constructed to building regulation standards complete with a 10 year insurance backed warranty underwritten by Lloyds of London.

To find out how Premier Modular can help you with your housing project please call us on 01964 545000 or email us.

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