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Welcome to our blog where we share the thoughts of … some key members of our team / some of our key employees

Materials and Products Used in our Buildings

In view of recent events Premier Modular would like to comment on the materials and products we use for all our buildings – both Hire and Sale Buildings.  At Premier Modular our primary aim when designing buildings is the health, safety and welfare...

First modular homes delivered in Coventry

It was with real interest to read this week, in UK construction week, of Midland Heart having their first modular homes delivered in Coventry. This row of simple terraced units demonstrate the benefits that can be achieved using a modular approach;...

Sonia Koenig, part of our Waco family, completes the Dog Box Challenge for the SPCA

Premier Modular would like to congratulate Sonia Koenig for taking part in the 2017 Dog Box Challenge in South Africa. Premier were extremely pleased to donate to such a cause.

Can Infill Development Using Modular Housing Contribute to Solving the London Housing Crisis?

As the government discuss the new housing strategy, Premier's Head of Housing Graeme O'Doherty looks at how modular construction can contribute to solving the housing crisis

Premier Modular Increase Capacity

Premier Modular now operate out of five manufacturing plants due to increase in demand from many clients across a variety of sectors

Looking Back at 60 Years of Premier Modular

January is a time for reflecting back on the past year, which for Premier Modular meant celebrating thier 60 Year Anniversary. Here, Ian Astley looks back at Premier from the beginning...

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